What is the basic difference between the “Standard Model” and the “Custom Model” on Fedora Bows?

The easy answer is “nothing”. But the truth is that all styles of each model are made exactly the same. Same shape, same mechanics, and same feel. The big difference is the “looks” of the bow. Standard bows are made with maple, black walnut, or red elm. These come with black, brown or grey colored fiberglass backing, The handles made with domestic woods, such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple, or Black Locust. The second option allows you add your style to the bow. Clear or transparent fiber glass can be used here. Then you pick a set of veneers and handle wood that looks good to you. There is a list of wood types to choose from in this stage, and soon we will add a page that shows actual veneer you can purchase for your bow. The higher level of bows, the better choices of wood in the bow. We want your bow to be exactly what you want it to be. Choices give you the opportunity to make the bow truly one of a kind. Inlays and overlays make your bow look great and add style. They also add strength since laminating wood changes the grain orientation so the fibers do not run through the bow. Please check out our wood sample page to see if any wood excites you, then see which level bow would fit your choice. If this is too complicated, please give us a call, I love to talk about bows, and help you figure out which level suites you best.

What is a takedown bow?

Take-Down Bows are generally made of three pieces. The handle is one piece and each limb can be taken on or off if you need to haul in a smaller container. Most people however rarely take the bows apart. Fedora Three Piece Take downs are designed to be taken apart for traveling conditions or pack-in hunting where space is limited. If you want a Take Down bow for target shooting and need to take it apart more often, then we will make that more easy without tools. We use hand tightened limb bolts with knurled knobs or deer antler burrs or with hand turned rosettes which make the bow look nice and easy to take apart. Take-down bows are our most popular style, and have large enough handles that we can add several different types of woods to make them stronger and much more beautiful to look at. Our 560 TD is one model that can be built to your exact standards. We have used combination such as Rosewood/Bocote, Catalo/ Curly Maple, Zebra wood/Pad auk. We can use colors that blend well with each other or colors that contrast each other. Add contrasting lines between the two colors of wood and you will be amazed at how the lines define the other colors. We use our artistic ideas in this type of bow since we have more room to do so and longer lines in the riser to allow for the art.

What is a Traditional Bow?

Based on its name Tradition is generated from many rears ago. If you are from the “baby-boomer” age which puts you in the early 1950’s as a young person and if you were one of luckiest, you would have a bow made from trees near where you live. Now days you can own a bow made to the standards of Modern archery which is based on Compound bows with so many gadgets to help you hit what you want. A Traditional bow will have no cables of cams that reduce draw weight at full draw. Most commonly these bows are called “recurve” or “longbow”. But any bow that can shoot an arrow could be made from any material that works for a bow. You can even make them form PVC plumbing pipes, sticks, boards and many more. These all fall in the traditional catagory. Fedora bows are made from tradition and are among the finest in the world. Our bows have been shot and hunted with , since late in the 50’s. One easy way to think of a Traditional Bow is that it could be handed to anyone from the “old” days, and they would know how to shoot it. Hand the same person from the old days a modern compound and they would have no idea what to do with it.