About Us


The Fedora Legacy Is Born… 

As a young teen Mike Fedora apprenticed in a woodworking shop. A true artist at heart, Mike appreciated the natural beauty of wood and the stories it would tell as he transformed ordinary 2 x 4’s into useful everyday items. His love of archery began humbly, hunting rabbits with his bow ad arrow years before.

Building bows kinda just happened. Surrounded by wood and tools he began refining the bow of his childhood. His woodworking experience influenced by his engineering mind he began asking himself, what if?

David and Goliath at the docks. Young Mike negotiated the seedy waterfront district making his way through the maze of docks locating the desired ships loaded with the best imported woods. Barely 17, Mike refused to even discuss over-priced sub-par wood. Mike was a force to be reckoned he demanded top quality, exotic wood at a fair market price.

And So The Journey Begins…